Whey Protein Supplement: Everything You Need To Know

Whey protein is obtained from the protein contained in whey. It is the watery substance that separates from the curds when you are making cheese.

Milk contains two main types of proteins: 80% casein and 20% whey. In its natural form, whey is mostly a mixture of water with some protein, fat, carbohydrates, and lactose.

To make the protein supplement, especially in powder form, separated from milk or cheese, it undergoes processing to become whey protein powder. 

Proteins can be obtained by processing whey in three forms: whey hydrolysate, whey isolate and whey concentrate.

is usually considered to be a “pre-digested” protein. This is because the breakdown process has already begun in this form of protein. Therefore, it is easier to digest compared to other forms of proteins obtained from whey.

Whey isolate contains the densest form of protein, almost 90-95%. Most of the lactose and fat is removed from this protein.

Whey concentrate also has lactose and fat removed but not as much as whey isolate. It has around 70-80% protein.

How do you consume whey protein supplement?

You can consume the whey protein supplement in the form of fitness protein powder. On our website, you get the densest protein supplement, whey isolate.

It is the best quality amino fuel supplement you can buy online. In fact, the best whey protein isolate in Canada.

The best way of consuming our whey protein isolate is to mix it in water and drink it. Based on your preference, you can also sprinkle it on ice cream or any other food item on which you find it preferable.

Many people prefer to blend it with their favourite smoothie combination. Some prefer it with coconut water. Do you know that protein powder cookbooks are a big business?

What are the benefits of consuming the whey protein supplement?

We are reading about the benefits of consuming the whey protein supplement in the context of doing workouts and resistance exercises.

Why do you work out? You work out to grow your muscles and become healthier. This can be helped with the whey protein supplement.

Balanced, compact nutrition in a few spoonfuls

Your body needs multiple nutrients. It is difficult to obtain these nutrients from your day-to-day food.

You cannot create comprehensive meals with the right proportions of proteins, calcium, vitamins and carbohydrates.

When you are doing workouts, you need a good dose of protein every day because it builds and strengthens your muscles, your blood and basically your entire system.

In whey protein powder supplement, you get your protein supply in concentrated form. In just a few spoons, your entire need is met.

Your coach can help you decide how much whey protein powder you must consume according to the level of your workouts. The supplement can be easily measured so there is no risk of taking more, or less.

For example, a person weighing 70 kg should take around 98-140 g of protein. Every 30 g of our whey protein powder contains 28 g of protein.

Better workout

To build stronger and bigger muscles, you often need to stretch yourself. When you stretch yourself, your body goes through some changes.

These changes can be comfortable or uncomfortable depending upon what sort of exercises you are doing.

Therefore, pre-workout supplements are recommended. These supplements give you extra energy. They encourage chemical activity inside your brain that makes you feel less fatigued.

You are more motivated. Your muscles don’t get tired fast.

Faster recovery after the workout

Your muscles and tissues are strained after the workout. Some damage also occurs in the tissues. Although the body has its own healing mechanism, this mechanism takes its own time and your body may not heal properly by your next workout.

This will affect the quality of your exercise and you may also feel lethargic and demotivated.

Measured quantities of whey protein supplement can expedite the process of muscle and tissue repair.

In fact, workouts without extra doses of protein can be counterproductive. Little protein in your body can lead to muscle soreness and fatigue. Hence, instead of increasing your strength and stamina, you may feel sluggish.

This is the reason many people abandon workouts. It’s all about proteins and they mistakenly end up developing a low self-esteem thinking that they don’t have the enough mental resolve to get into the perfect shape.

Drinking a mixture of whey protein powder supplement within the first 30 minutes of your workout can quickly kick start the healing process and repair micro-tears in the muscles.

Buy the best whey protein powder supplement online

Our whey is locally sourced in Canada and hence, it is of the best quality. 

We fully understand that taste and health must go hand-in-hand. Our highly researched formulas developed in our own lab give you a lip-smacking taste and outstanding health results.

You don’t just refuel your muscles, you also get culinary pleasures.

Worried about the quality of our whey protein powder supplements?

You can check what’s in your supplement by accessing the third-party lab reports on our website. We practice 100% transparency. 

Our high-quality whey protein powder supplement helps you in muscle recovery and promotes health and wellness. We use only premium quality ingredients. All our products are tested for purity before and after production.

We make sure that all our products meet cGMP regulations. Additionally, all our products are FDA certified and are manufactured in Good Manufacturing Practices facilities.

Our motto is: “Fuel is the New Supplement”.

Your body is like a motor machine. To enable your motor machine to give its best performance, you need good quality fuel for it. Inferior quality fuel can damage your machine parts.

Similarly, your body needs good quality protein supplements. It is the fuel your body needs for serious workouts and resistance exercises.

Please remember that our mission is to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to improve your athletic capabilities, grow muscles or lose weight.

Ordering your favourite whey protein powder supplement on our website is extremely easy. We have an extensive catalogue you can easily go through. You can immediately place an order.

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