Snacking... The Progress  Killer
We’ve all been there, there is no denying it...

All week you’ve been eating healthy...Each morning you have a
great breakfast, around noon, a good lunch, and a healthy dinner
in the evening.

You have been working out the whole week too!

So you are excited to finally step on the scale.

But the number didn’t go down. It actually went up.

You can’t believe it and start wondering if you just weren’t meant
to lose weight.

But let’s take a step back.

Let’s take a look at the real reason you can’t lose weight.

Monday, you had a great breakfast, very healthy and within your
calorie goal.

But on your way to work you decided to grab a pumpkin spice

You continued on your day and had lunch. A healthy lunch within
your calorie goal I should mention.

But around 3pm you started feeling a little hungry and tired. You
needed another coffee. This time you got a regular coffee with 2
creams and 2 sugars. But you also felt a bit peckish and ordered a
donut to go along with it. “What’s the harm in that! I have eaten
great today so far”

You get home from work and eat dinner. You decided on a healthy
meal of salad with chicken breast on top.

However you added a ton of dressing and croutons and extras into
the salad.

You go to bed and wake up the next day to start your “diet” all
over again...

Okay I think you get the point.

YOUR SNACKING IS THE ISSUE! That latte you drank in the
morning is an extra 400 calories. The coffee with sugars and
creams was an extra 100. The donut was another 350. The
‘healthy’ salad you ate at dinner ended up being 700 calories
because of all the dressing you put on it!

So now instead of being in a caloric deficit for the day, you are
actually closer to maintenance calories, or even in a caloric

How do we fix this issue?

Well a great start is being more aware of what you are putting into
your mouth the ENTIRE day! Not just at big meals.

Another way to help with cutting out snacking, is instead of eating
just 3 main meals, add scheduled snacks throughout the day to
help with hunger pains and sometimes just plain boredom.

So there it is, the silent progress killer... SNACKING!!!