Pre Vs. Post-Workout Supplements and Why You Need Them?

Pre and post workout supplements are taken not just to maximize athletic performance but also to build stronger and prominent muscles in a minimum amount of time. Balanced nutritional intake and good fitness go hand in hand.

Both pre-workout and post-workout supplements are becoming increasingly popular. They improve your fitness and give you the needed energy to indulge in challenging workouts.

Even when people complain about certain issues it is not about the supplements usually, but about the quality and the way they are consumed.

When you buy your supplements from trusted sources and when you consume the way it has been advised, they deliver you the maximum benefit.

For example, we have highly researched formulas developed in our lab for delicious taste and outstanding results. Multiple, 3rd-party lab reports are available on our website that you can easily go through.

Why have supplements when you can eat food?

Through our regular food it is often difficult to supply the body all the needed nutrients and supplements, especially when we are hitting the gym 3-4 times a week. Our body needs the extra “fuel”. It needs protein to grow muscles. 

Fitness enthusiasts who are cautious about their diet take supplements before the workout and after the workout.

These are called pre-workout supplements and post-workout supplements and although they both benefit your body, they serve different purposes and hence, they are taken at different times of your workout routine.

The purpose of taking pre-and post-workout supplements isn’t to artificially inflate your muscles – this can be harmful for your health. An appropriate mix of supplements gives you the needed nutritional ingredients to enable you to indulge in workouts without feeling tired and unmotivated.

What are pre-workout supplements?

Pre-workout supplements, as the name goes, are consumed before the workout. They are usually taken 30 minutes-an hour before a serious workout. You can consume them in the form of a snack or a mixture (serving) diluted in water.

Pre-workout supplements give your muscles the required energy and support for the workout. They mostly comprise of protein and simple carbs that are easier to digest. Since your energy supplies decline quickly when you are working out, these pre-workout supplements keep you energized and focused.

Remember that the level of energy that your body has, has a direct impact on your mental state. If you’re feeling drained and de-energized, you won’t feel like working out even against your will and hence, it is very important to take care of your nutrients to make sure that as far as your body and muscles go, there is nothing lacking and you have got enough fuel to go.

The pre-workout supplements give you the following benefits:

  • Prevent premature fatigue.
  • Reduce protein breakdown.
  • Increase mental focus.
  • Increase physical performance and endurance.

The pre-workout supplements may have the following blend of substances: caffeine, creatine and amino acid compounds.

Caffeine gives you the energy for the workout. Creatine is a chemical that is found in your muscle tissues. Hence, it gives you the necessary muscular energy for the workout. Amino acids make up protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues.

Hence, this cocktail of the needed nutritional ingredients fills up your body with the right amount of energy and safeguards against workout related wear-and-tear so that you can draw maximum benefit from your gym exercises.

The right mix enhances your performance and builds your confidence. It also promotes health and wellness and contributes to muscle recovery.

You can buy a wide variety of bodybuilding supplements online from our website.

Different pre-workout supplements may have different formulas. All our supplements are locally sourced in Canada. They come with high octane (protein content) so that your muscles quickly recover after a heavy workout.

What are post-workout supplements?

Just as your body needs nutritional supplements before the workout, to recover and in order to enable your body to benefit from the workout, you also need to consume post-workout supplements.

By having these supplements, you improve your body composition, performance and the overall recovery rate.

Post-workout supplements can help you replenish glycogen, mitigate protein breakdown and enhance protein synthesis.

Consequently, your energy stores are replenished, the size and quality of your muscles grow faster, and you repair any damages caused by the workout quickly.

Does the thought of muscles damaging and breaking down alarm you? There is no need. According to trained physicians, your muscles must be broken down to rebuild and grow. This is what workouts do. Supplements help you repair and grow your muscles faster. This is a natural phenomenon.

Workout enthusiasts who strategically take post-workout supplements experience improved recovery, improve their immune system, increase their bone mass and enable their body to utilize body fat faster.

Pre-workout and post-workout supplements to meet all your needs

With the right dose, you can refuel your muscles and find a better version of you. But why not eat normal food for better nutrition?

Eating normal food isn’t always practical. It is difficult to measure all the needed ingredients in the right proportion. Acquiring certain foods is always a problem. Sometimes you don’t even feel hungry.

Consuming a supplement on the other hand is quite convenient. When you take a serving, you know that all that you need before the workout and after the workout is present in the supplement. All you have to do is, take some spoonfuls, mix them in water, and drink them. Everything that your body needs, goes into your body in just a few gulps.

There is a reason we use the expression “fuel is the new supplement”. Just as your vehicle needs good quality, extra dose of fuel to deliver power, so does your body. Hence, right fuel coupled with intense training, gives you limitless power. 

All our supplement formulas are locally sourced in Canada. We get every lot tested by third-party labs. Our primary purpose is to promote health and wellness and help you in muscle recovery. 

Every 30 g of serving gives you 28 g of protein. We use no blends. It is pure, hydrolyzed whey to give you only premium quality ingredients. No fake promises, no BS, simple, super quality fuel to help you reach your goals.

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