How To Craft the Perfect Workout Plan

Regular workout is a big commitment. You cannot take your workout plan casually because unless you have a routine for your workout, you’re not going to get any benefit from it.

Crafting the perfect workout plan may include:

  1. Find a reason for workout – this is very important. Unless you know why you need to craft the perfect workout plan, you’re not going to feel motivated enough to make it and then stick to it.
  2. Evaluate  your body limits – you don’t want to injure yourself. Even if you want to go for extensive workouts, you will need to gradually build up your stamina and capabilities.
  3. Find out your nutritional needs – you may need workout supplements such as fitness protein powder or pure protein supplements.

Often, the biggest hurdle on the way of creating the perfect workout plan is a lack of schedule. People don’t decide the day of the week, or the days of the week when they will be working out. They don’t decide the hours.

They want to work out as and when they feel.

This never works. If you have a job to take care of or if you are a student and you need to shuffle between different classes, there is all the more reason that you will need to schedule your workout within your existing schedule.

You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym for invigorating workouts. You can go hiking and mountain biking. You can row a boat. F45 studios are catching up everywhere these days. You can tie resistance bands to a tree and build your strength. There are scores of ways you can do workouts.

Of course, the gym has its own benefits and professional-grade workouts are better done at a certified gym.

Below we are a list of steps you can take to craft the perfect workout plan specifically for yourself.

Decide why you want to workout

Knowing your reason is one of the biggest motivations to stick to your workout plan.

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to grow muscles? Do you want to ward off an impending illness? Do you want to have a fit body? Are you preparing to be an athlete?

Knowing a reason gives you a clear direction. It also helps you decide what sort of workouts are going to be the best for you. This will also let you know if you need extra supplements to gain enough stamina and muscle strength for the workouts.

Build a calendar you can stick to

Building a calendar for your workout regime gives you a visual idea of on which days and at what time you are going to do your workouts, in relation to the other activities and responsibilities that you often pack in your day. Remember that you need to take your calendar very seriously. Working out is a commitment. Just as you go to the office. You attend college. You take care of your household chores. In the same manner, schedule your workout plan in such a manner that there will be no reason to miss your workouts.

Do you need to workout everyday?

Not necessarily. In the beginning you can start with two days in a week for maybe half an hour at a stretch. As your muscles begin to grow stronger, you can increase the timing to 1 hour.

Similarly, if you feel that you need to work out more than twice a week you can alter your calendar accordingly. There is a limit to how much time you can keep on extending. After a while, you get fixed on a certain number of days and a certain number of hours.

Remember that when you are creating your workout plan, make sure there are a minimum number of hindrances, at least in the beginning.

You will go through lots of physical and psychological changes and you may feel like resisting to go for your workout or find excuses. Hence, create a calendar in such a manner that you cannot find any excuses.

Be open to taking workout supplements

Workout supplements are a necessity to increase your capacity and mined your muscles faster after exercising or after weight training. You can get fitness protein powder that you can easily mix with any liquid. You can purchase the protein powder online. For example, the pure protein supplements that you can buy online from our website are made of whey protein that is healthy and perfectly safe. Pure and natural protein supplements after doing workouts are always better than synthetic supplements.

What do workout supplements achieve for you?

You can take pre-workout supplements as well as post-workout supplements depending on your needs. Pre-workout supplements give you the energy boost that increases your motivation levels as well as endurance during weight training.

Not all mornings are made equal. Suppose you get up in the morning and you feel completely drained. In such a condition, it is difficult to go to the gym and do the regular workout. A lack of motivation and physical energy can cause you injury and also develop a feeling of disinterest towards workout over a period of time.

Instead of straight away heading to the gym after getting up, you gulp down the whey protein pre-workout supplement and quickly feel energized and charged up. A good thing is that you can get your workout supplement in your favorite flavor. You can mix it with water. You can sprinkle it over yoghurt or fruit salad. You can also put it in your smoothie.

Post-workout supplements help your muscles recover faster and also facilitate muscle synthesis. The process of consuming your post-workout supplement is the same as consuming your pre-workout supplement.

Choose the exercise and weight training process that suits your body and physical goals

When you go to the gym you will find people doing different activities according to their capacity and physical abilities. If you have just started your workouts, there is no need to pickup heavy weights or go for extensive cardio. An experienced fitness trainer can recommend exercises for your legs, upper body, shoulders, or abs. It is always advisable to pay attention to what your fitness instructor tells you because he or she has an idea of what type of workout is perfect for you.


Strategic planning according to your body type coupled with a good choice of workout supplements can help you create a perfect workout plan. Just remember that good nutrition braced by carefully chosen workout supplements is the best approach to crafting the perfect workout plan for yourself.

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