Proteins are the main building blocks of your body. They are good for your bones and muscles. They help you grow and repair your tendons, organs and skin. They also increase the quality of enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and other molecules in your body. Proteins also keep your muscles flexible. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts often consume protein supplements for extra strength, energy and durability. 

Adequate intake of protein facilitates muscle growth and contraction, faster healing and better cardiovascular functions.

There is a wide range of post-workout and generic workout supplements that you can easily buy online. They come in different flavors.

The whey protein isolate is one of the most common workout supplements. If you are planning to buy bodybuilding supplements online, there is a big chance that you’re going to purchase one of such post-workout supplements.

Why is whey protein isolate a major component of workout supplements?

Whey is the liquid part of milk that separates when you are making cheese – that watery substance that is sometimes mistakenly thrown away when we make cheese at home.

So, the next time you open the can of your favorite yoghurt, don’t throw away the water you see floating on the surface. Quickly separate. It is the best form of protein you can get.

Let’s quickly, separately, go through the explanations of the main components of this topic.

  •  Whey: The milk contains two types of proteins, viz, casein and whey. You have read above how whey can be obtained.
  • Protein: This is a micronutrient you need to build muscle mass. Regular, strategic consumption grows your muscles, makes them stronger and also maintains your energy level.
  • Isolate: Quite literal meaning – you isolate whey from the dairy product.
  • Supplements: Since it is not possible to get sufficient amounts of nutrients from the regular food we eat, we consume supplements – the added supply of proteins and vitamins to give our body the extra needed push

The whey protein is a major component of workout and post-workout supplements because it is one of the purest forms of proteins. It gets digested easily. When you take it in the powder form you can easily mix it in water, milk, juice, smoothie or any other liquid of your preference. You can also mix it in ice cream or yoghurt.

Although the main supply of proteins are the meat products, milk-based food items such as protein bars, drinks and powders are often used for easier consumption. Even in well, there are two types of proteins, the casein protein that forms 80% of the milk, and the whey protein that is 20%.

If 80% of the milk is the casein protein, why isn’t it used for workout supplements instead of the 20% whey protein?

It is because the casein protein digests slowly. After the workout you need a protein supplement that your body consumes to assimilate is easily and it reaches the vital parts of your body.

Your body is able to digest the whey protein faster and hence, the whey protein isolate is extensively used in the workout supplement products.

Why do bodybuilders, athletes and workout enthusiasts need protein supplements?

In your day-to-day life, your nutritional needs are met by the regular food that you eat. But when you go to a gym or when you practice on the ground, your body needs additional nutrients because it is doing a lot more work than a regular person.

Intensive physical activity requires more protein intake. If you don’t take additional protein, your muscles won’t heal faster, and this could lead to serious injury. Hence, in most of the cases, the regular intake of protein supplements isn’t about quickly growing your muscles or losing your weight fast, it is also about giving enough nutritional value so that your body can weather the onslaught of heavy workouts and exercise.

Post-workout protein supplements are the best because then, after the workout, your system needs all the repairs it can get. The blood is moving fast and hence the nutrition can reach all parts of your body.

There are multiple “microtears” in your muscles that need to be repaired and supplements can repair them. There is a timeframe called “anabolic window” during which the needed nutrients must reach your muscles and tissues otherwise they begin to get damaged.

What are the benefits of consuming the whey isolate workout supplements?

Depending on how your whey protein supplement is prepared, you get an isolate or a concentrate.

What’s the difference?

In its pure form, the whey protein also consists of fats and carbohydrates.

Although your body needs fats and carbohydrates, you don’t want extra fats and carbohydrates going into your body.

In its natural form, the whey protein contains 20% protein value compared to the casein product that has 80% protein value.

Through proper processing, when the whey isolate is extracted, its fat and carbohydrate contents are reduced to a great level, per serving, and even the protein levels are increased to 90%, per serving.

This way, your protein intake is maximized while giving your body the minimum amount of fat and carbohydrates that come with natural whey.

Another benefit of using the whey isolate supplements for your post-workout needs is that even if you are lactose intolerant, you can consume the supplements. The whey isolate has lower lactose content. You can safely buy bodybuilding supplements online made of whey isolate without facing any problems.

Why not take solid foods instead of whey protein isolate workout supplements?

There are multiple reasons why you cannot depend on your regular, solid foods for your protein supply. First of all, not all foods contain the amount of food you need for serious workouts. For example, when you are eating a meat dish or a ball of vegetables how do you know how much protein you have consumed? If you need to consume 100 g of protein after your workout, or do you make sure that you have consumed 100 g?

You cannot experiment with your help.

Even if you know how much protein each food item contains, you will need to consume exorbitant amounts of food to get the required protein?

The supplement on the other hand is a sure shot way of getting the needed amount of protein. You use the measured spoon. You can rest assured that once you have paid for your protein shake, you’re going to get all the protein that your body needs after the workout or the heavy exercise. You know that your muscles are being repaired and your body is being re-energized.

Is it safe to buy bodybuilding protein supplements online?

The whey protein isolate is safe. It contains the minimum amount of lactose. Most of the fat and carbohydrate has been extracted out of it. We remove the excess carbohydrates, lactose, cholesterol and fat using an advanced multi-step purification and crossflow microfiltration process. 

Although you may like to talk to your fitness expert, coach or health advisor, before you decide to buy a particular variety of workout or post-workout protein supplement, it is very easy and convenient to order your favorite protein supplement jar online.

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